Mission Statement

To uphold friendship and camaraderie collectively
To maintain links with past present and future comrades
To encourage and provide a focal point for people of similar mindset. Using this as a vehicle to foster a global sense of belonging.

About Us

The EPR is about young women and men of broadly Caribbean origin who after living in the UK for many years or being born in the UK,enlisted in the Armed Forces, for one reason or another, in defence of Queen and country. Some may have joined the Armed Forces in the 1970sor before, whilst others may only have joined in recent years. Irrespective of your length of Service, enlisting was a change of life's patternfor the majority of us, from what was maybe a routine and humdrum way of life, to a drastic change of facing and perhaps challenging theenemy with a loaded weapon. Maybe it was only a verbal battle or fisticuffs with one of our comrades in the disco or NAAFI queue, but life was never going to be the same anymore.

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Years later, returning home from our worldwide travels; and now being parents, grandparents or other, most of us still enjoy the opportunity to ‘pull up a sandbag’ and exchange stories of our exploits in the years gone by.

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EPR is currently held annually in Birmingham, but not as a fixed location. Wherever and whenever we meet, EPR embraces and welcomes all those who have served their country. We can only hope and encourage the camaraderie to continue bringing fun and laughter into our sunset years and beyond.........




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