Together Again!

The words went out on the streets that EPR 2011 will happen, same time, same place for the second consecutive year. Many who were clearly disappointed to have missed 2010`s event were destined to party with friends and colleagues at this event.

Due to the impetus, feedback and vision of EPR a group of us decided to form a committee, http://epreunion.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=56:newsletter&catid=34:latest-news that would share the weight of commitment required to foster the growth of this event. The committee met on many occasions with rewarding results in formulating a structure for the way forward. The talent and enthusiasm of individuals on the committee was clear to see by their attitude, actions and results.

,The Pavilion, Moor Lane, Birmingham http://www.thepavilion.co.uk/ ticked every box regarding cost, space and security so we decided that all roads would lead to this venue for the second year for EPR 2011.



EPR Committee left to right: Wayne Howell, Ken Straun, Griff Griffith, Happy Davidson, Don Campbell,

Ossie Osbourne, Annette Erskine & Sherry Mcpherson


Yes ladies and gents this is were it starts

Although many guests pre-booked, many others turned up on the night with various reasons for not being able to make a commitment in advance. However, the committee did its best to cater for all in every way possible so that everyone would have a fulfilling night.


Evening All!

Tony & Joyce Sayers saying hello


Greetings old chaps!

Wayne Howell, Brian Phillips,.....& Wife........


Really? Yes!

Happy & Karen


Ladies and gents!

As always, once the fun and laughter starts discipline goes. I say again............


Barry Kelly entertaining the ladies


Beauty personified

This is surly what it is all about. Meeting up again, 10, 20, 30 or dare I say it, 40 years later and the radiance is still there for all to see.


Guttersloh Days


Laarbruch Days


Retake of a photo from the old days at Bruggen (5 from 15 people)


All photos used in this newsletter were taken by Dr Vanley Burke and individuals who kindly sent some of them to me. Please see the Gallery for majority of the photos taken at this event.

If you have photos of this event please send them to me where possible and I will include appropriate ones in this newsletter and the Gallery, particullarly of people dancing.


Including in the programme on the night was a raffle, and 4 catergories of awards. There were several raffle prizes but the top one was a trip for two to Jamaica.  Many thanks to all committee members who donated the prizes and a special thanks to Wayne & Voilet Howell for donating the top prize,

The 4 categories of awards were:


1st to arrive on the night - Barry Kelly - bottle of wine


1st to pay for event in full - Sharon(second year in a row) 2 bottles of Champain


Youngest ex-Service Person at EPR 2011 - Nigel (Slix) Ford - bottle of wine


Oldest Ex-Service Person at EPR 2011 - Frank (Frankie) Francis was presented with EPR Mascot (Walking stict called Sir Windrush) and a bottle of rum to take away.


Raffle Prize Winner - Ron Arneau


Raffle Prize winner - Sharon Senior


Raffle Prize Winner - Gerard Francois


Top Raffle Prize Winner on the night - (Left) Noel(Reg) Denny - a trip for 2 to Jamaica.

All raffle prizes were donated by  members of the EPR Committee.  A BIG thanks to all.

The DJ encouraged our dancing feet to merge on the dance floor,going way back in time with the music. It was clear to see that people were rocking to the beat whilst going down memory lane.


Lloyd is in another world?  Like the sign says, Fatal attraction!!!!

Who said there isn’t heaven on earth?

Many thanks to Dr Vanley Burke for giving us his very valuable time in providing  numerous photos of Event 2010 & 2011. For decades he has photographed and document the history of black people as can be seen by following this link:  http://www.connectinghistories.org.uk/collections/vanley_burke.asp

There were up to 100 people attended on the night. With feedback from questionnaires and a guest book at the event its clear to see that the evening was a success.

For Summary of EPR Questionnaire Analysis Click:http://epreunion.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57:epr-questionnaire&catid=34:latest-news


The committee have created a badge to the represent our EPR identity:


gerards take 7 21

The attachment of the badge will be in the form of a `Tiepin`, costing hopefully approximately £2.50.  There will be one off production version of this badge dated 2010 to commemorate the inaugural event of EPR.  All other productions will not be dated.



A cheque for £150 being presented to Rachel McFee, Centre Manager of OSCAR Sandwell, by EPR Committee Member Sherry McPherson



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